When one spends time on finding out and focuses all the energy on what one’s real passion is, the magic appears. In my case, this magic took me into coaching football teams as a professional. Sometimes with adults and sometimes they were children, but always with the same passion and enthusiasm.


From the beginning it was clear to me that I had to put all my former professional experience and attention at the service of my players. And thus, I directed the know-how and experience that I had in the management and performance of human resources from the business world towards the sporting field. Gradually I obtained a wide experience in coaching players from grassroots levels to professional players of national leagues in Spain, and abroad. From this experience I obtained a wide range of resources which I can apply to what is really important to me: “The Management of Coaching on the practice field”, a research area where a player develops himself not only as a football player but above all as a human being.


At the same time, and as part of my personal development, I broadened my training in High Sporting Performance with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Coaching Techniques.


Today I train, coordinate and direct a group of coaches in a club that allows me to experiment with new methodological trends. We have managed to set up a ‘playing pattern’ common to all existing categories, respecting the individuality, evolutionary process and creativity of each player in the club.


In the same field, and as part of my anxiety for investigation and education, I teach classes in Techniques, Tactics and Methodologies for one of Spain’s most prestigious academies for coaches in several provinces in the country. I also provide monographic training courses on-line for coaches from any part of the world, both in English and Spanish.


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