OnLine Course: ​

The course allows you to understand the football game from a new and more dynamic overall view. This will make your training sessions more flexible, entertaining and includes a mayor decision taking on behalf of the player. At the same time, you will learn to generate training situations in which your players will know how to act collectively in any given ‘moment’ of the game that occurs.


              Date:  April 16th 2016                   Time Schedule: 17h to 20:30h (3:30 hours)

              Format:   On line (English version)      Modules:  4 (1 webinar every 2 weeks)

              Course Code: GC1                            Fee:  $120



Directed towards: Football Coaches and Physical Trainers, Directors of Coaches and Coordinators of Youth Programs, Teachers of Physical Education




Webinars & Workshops   2016