Óscar Felipe Larralde​ 


Professional Football Coach - UEFA PRO Licensed. Director of Coaches and Training Methodology Consultant. Professor in Football Tactics and Training Methodology. Expert in Football Training Psychology. Lecturer. Author.















Manual of the Conscious Coach


This is my new book in which, in a different way, I try to express my own understanding of football and give a particular view of coaching and its evolutionary process in learning the game.


I share with you what has and what has not worked for me when interpreting the training sessions. The vision I have today is a direct result from yesterday’s failure. My only intention is to allow you to be part of my present perception through my personal evolution as a coach.


Soon you will be able to obtain this in eBook and hard copied formats. In the mean time, I leave you with some passages which I hope will raise your interest.

About me


One day, after having obtained a wide variety of academic achievements and extensive professional experience in the field of business, I decided to focus my time, my skills and my resources towards the biggest passion of my life: football.


Taking control of my life, focusing on my personal development, allowing myself to listen to my intuition and inner voice and believing that dreams can come true enabled me to immerse myself into this amazing adventure.



Workshops & Webinars


In this section, you find courses, workshops, webinars and lectures for football coaches and clubs where you can access all my professional and academic football experience. Both in face-to-face and online formats. 


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"As coaches, we have to be aware that our perceptions are just ours, and that they make up and shape our 'reality'; and thus must not necessarily be accepted as a reality by others, including the players themselves"

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                                                 'Manual of the Conscious Coach'