Manual of the Conscious Coach

A new way of coaching football

by Óscar Felipe - October 2015


About the work:


This book is meant to be an important tool for the evolutionary process of any coach. Emphasizing the importance of what really matters in your daily training routine allows you to learn from the real skills of this marvellous game, which are the players. It allows you to generate training conditions aimed at the development of skills and the creativity of the players rather than just telling them what they “have to” do or learn. This is how I managed to read this peculiar way of interpreting training sessions.


In short, it means that you accept the true capability that resides inside the player, and not in us, the coaches. I am aware that it may hurt to accept this, because it overshadows us and almost eliminate us in the learning process of the player in the way we have always accepted and embedded the game. But, in the mean time, it releases us; it makes us more flexible and by interpreting the game this way we expand and, more importantly, we allow the player to grow by learning his role in football, that carries him to dimensions that, even us coaches, couldn’t imagine. A whole challenging journey to the “inside” of the person that, unintentionally, alters and changes everything around us, including our players.


This book is designed for:


- Coaches and physical trainers of football players at any level and any age, and consequently, for coaches of any particular sporting activity.

- Youth Programs Directors of Coaches, Sports Managers and any representative close to the football world or sports in general.

- Especially both the parents of football players who are involved in football at youth levels or other sports activities at formative ages.   

- Teachers, mentors, instructors and trainers in a more general sense, especially, for those who are in contact with children or pupils in training on a daily basis.

- In a holistic way, any person who would like to go deeper into the internal processes of the mind seen in the light of the challenge to direct a human group in pursuit of a specific target, being this formative or performance, either sportive or entrepreneurial.





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