Someone, who I respect immensely, both as a person and professionally, once told me: “Oscar, if you want to find your balance and your inner peace, you must know what thrills you, what fills your life… that’s where your gifts and strengths reside which you then will be able to put into operation to its highest splendour, and thus… you will be” .


Henceforth, I decided to become my mission: to allow myself to be happy in whatever I do in my life. Laugh, share, admire my players, enjoy and wonder about the endless ways of how things can be done, learn reasoning and reflecting, unlearn by observing and sensing, get excited with the coaching I am ready to achieve “her and now”, and to desire vehemently the arrival of the forthcoming session once today’s session has finished. At present day, this is how I have been able to turn myself into my mission…


… and, without even wanting nor pretending, I realize every single day that, in the journey that I decided to undertake, I am surrounded by happy people and cheerful players.  

My mission