What they say

“… Speaking of Oscar is very satisfying for me… When it comes to understanding the way football is played and transmitting this to the younger ones, we are on the same wavelength. We believe in the understanding of the game above everything, and in a systematic-holistic approach of training. We are a group of persons in Spain who support the positioning of the game in its teaching (the same model of playing as used by Guardiola in FC Barcelona). With a groundbreaking approach, and an inquiring mind, Oscar always wants to know more. He always focuses on the acquisition of values in young players. He doesn’t separate the formation of the player from the person he is…”


“… From him I have learned that the young players do not improve based on instructions, but they will have to know what they are doing seen from a significant point of view. To Oscar, the images are illuminating, and furthermore, that the player feels and believes in what he is doing. From this viewpoint of understanding the game of football, the child develops the rest of his skills in an interconnected way. Oscar definitely stands at the forefront of methodology in Spain. He never separates, but integrates, and understands football as a complex system, and as such, he teaches…”


“… Watching his way of training is quite a performance, you always learn something from him. In almost all situations he relates the training with the real game, and by way of matched incitement, he achieves adjustments from every single player…” 


                                                                                                                                                                                              Adolfo Aldana


                                                                                                       Former player of Real Madrid, Deportivo Coruña y Español Barcelona

                                                                                                       11 Seasons in La Liga Spanish First Division

                                                                                                       3 Spanish Leagues, 2 "Copas del Rey" and 2 Spanish SuperCups

                                                                                                       4 times international player for Spain

                                                                                                       Graduate in Physical Education and UEFA PRO Coach

“…For a few years, Oscar Felipe was my teacher in the national course for football coaches (UEFO PRO License) which was given in Granada. I was fortunate to be in his classes about methodology, tactics and other aspects related to the world of football coaching…”


“…Spotlighting Oscar as a teacher is nothing new, his workaday eagerness goes hand in hand with his preparation and supremacy of the public exhibition. It shows that he enjoys what he is doing, he is passionate and, even more importantly, he transmits this passion onto his pupils…”


“…Personally I’d like to highlight that his classes were a natural way to generate debates among all his pupils. I believe this to be essential when it comes to speaking about something as subjective as the tactical component of football.”


“…Ultimately, being one of Oscar’s pupils was a great experience and, without any doubt, I would recommend him for any other course where he will be responsible for the teaching of the contents of this sport. Furthermore, I am sure that he will achieve one of the main objectives in any aspect of teaching: to make those who listen “think’…”



                                                                                                                                                                                             Jesús Cañadas


                                                                                        Assistant Coach in Spanish First Division (Levante, Granada and Aris in Greece)

                                                                                        Graduate in Physical Education and UEFA PRO Licensed Coach

“…I would like to thank you for your contribution to my vocational training. After having thought deeply about your teaching, I have come to the conclusion that you bring together the key skills for this sport to evolve. You showed an innovative, lively and participative disposition with which you elaborate your teaching to appear relevant to me within a practical context tied with theoretical and attitudinal foundations. For all this, my congratulations for the level shown…”


“…It is my wish that we will be able to share similar experiences in the future…”



                                                                                                                                                                                                Pedro G. Píriz


                                                                                         Former player and Physical Trainer in Real Betis (First and Second Division)

                                                                                         Professor at the University of Seville

                                                                                         Doctor in Physical Education and UEFA PRO Licensed Coach

“…It is a pleasure for me to value the professional and human qualities of Oscar Felipe as I was fortunate to be a pupil of his at level III. What really impacted me in his classes was his groundbreaking perception of the cutting-edge methodology that he applies to the training of football. He not just displayed a different vision of the game as such, but he devised an alternative way in presenting the daily training, based on the Playing Cycle. This genuine and different way of portraying the game, allowed all his pupils to experience a new methodological and easy to apply state of affairs, much closer to the competition…”


“…Likewise, Oscar presented an excellent assessment among the vast majority of the school’s students. According to the students of the three centres, in Alemeria, Granada and Malaga, where he teaches, Oscar shows an enormous passion for teaching, a closeness to the pupils which makes them wanting to continue following his classes, and some communication skills that make the continence of his teachings entertaining and profoundly interesting…”



                                                                                                                                                                             Eduardo G Mármol


                                                                                                                   Academic  Director in Iundenia Football Coaches School

                                                                                                                   Professor of the Granada University

                                                                                                                   Graduate in Phisical Education and UEFA PRO Licensed Coach

“… I have been fortunate to share changing room with important players, such as Maradona, Unzue, Suker or Simone, and also to have had coaches of great reputation and with a long career behind them… but I have to admit that, when I actually started to understand the football game, and to know why I did things and the reason for daily training, was when I met Oscar Felipe, first as a coach in Third Division, and later as a Coordinator and his methodology in the club where I coached under him…”


“… His unique way of understanding the game and “its moments”, as well as a unique way of designing and managing the training tasks, has opened my mind to a world that was unknown to me, even after having made myself a living as a professional player…”


“… As a coach, Oscar is tough and demanding; on the other hand, it is relevant to value his listening skills when referring to the troublesome player. It is noteworthy that his directions are always accompanied by solid arguments in a way that the football players understand without difficulty. And at the same time he inspires confidence. Therefore I consider that he got the best out of me in order to a maximum performance during my time as a player of his…”



                                                                                                                                                         Juan Carlos 'Pescao' Fernández


                                                                  Former professoinal player for Sevilla CF, Granada, Córdoba, Almería

                                                                  Professional player in very competitive Spanish Leagues First, Second and Secon B divisions

                                                                  Professional Goalkeepers Coach and Level I Licensed

“… Speaking of Oscar as a teacher, as a coach, as a researcher is quite easy seen from my position and experience, so much so, that if my professional future offered me the opportunity to rely on him, I will do so because one must pursue to be surrounded by the best people for an unequivocally form of progress and improvement…”


 “… Oscar opens up enormous possibilities and capabilities in all three fields, and it is my believe that he is able to enhance the structure of the technical staff or the club. My conviction is a result from my experience as his pupil in the football training course on Level 3 (UEFA PRO), from my observation of his aspects as a coach and our discussions and reflections about football during numerous hours…”



                                                                                                                                                                                       Javier Reyes


                                                                                             15 seasons as Physical Trainer in First and Second Division

                                                                                             Deportivo Coruña, Athletic Bilbao, Almería, Rec. Huelva, Albacete, Murcia

                                                                                             DVTK in First Division of Hungary

                                                                                             Graduate in Physical Education and UEFA PRO Licensed

“… Let me start by displaying a fact about Oscar Felipe, and those who are parents will understand me better; I left Oscar to be my son’s coach. This is the best way to show my trust I feel with this professional, from here on there are many things that can be said about him…”


“… He was my son’s coach, so I could see his work. I saw how he works with the teams, how he makes the children feel to be players, by showing the game as an adventure to be discovered, and thus, the best way for learning. He knows the language of the children and knows how to open up the children’s attention. I am experienced in this field and I have been fortunate to direct important Professional Youth Programs with good coaches but, at a high level, the capacity of working with young talents and concentrating in the player is missing. Oscar has this skill…”



                                                                                                                                                                                            Luis Fradua


                                                                                         Former Youth Program Director in First Division Teams

                                                                                         Athletic Bilbao, Español and Real Betis

                                                                                         Professor at Granada University (Physical Education University)

                                                                                         Doctor in Physical Education and UEFA PRO Licensed Coach

“… Oscar, I was one of the coaches at the Clinic you did at Bishop Kearney High School in Rochester, NY. last August that was at my school. I thought you would like to know that we took the skills and lessons we learned at the clinic from you and the others, and applied them to our season...

... Because of what we learned - the passing game, the pressure, support and balance defense, along with a lot of hard work, we won the Championship this year!!!! We had a record of 16-4, and defeated a lot of bigger schools. We won our 3 tournament games with 3 straight shutouts, and had 13 shutouts altogether. We feel that you and your excellent group were a big part of this. Thank you again...

... I will certainly spread the word about your clinic. I hope all is well with you. Please pass on my best wishes to everyone.”



                                                                                                                                                                                       Paul *****


                                                                                                                                               SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTAMENT

                                                                                                                                               GIRLS VARSITY SOCCER COACH

                                                                                                                                               BISHOP KEARNEY HIGH SCHOOL

                                                                                                                                               125 KINGS HIGHWAY

                                                                                                                                               ROCHESTER, NY 14617